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I'm Riccardo

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Born in Italy, my love affair with the African wilderness started from an early age, as I had the opportunity to grow up between Tanzania and Milan.

After various travels and experiences around the world,  I came back to Africa in 2011, starting my career as a guide.

My interest quickly shifted towards  protected area management and since then have been managing various conservation and tourism projects within Tanzania.

My work gave me the opportunity to experience the beauty of Africa from a privileged perspective, one that I want to share with the world through my photographs.

Photographer, adventurer, conservationist & lover of the wild.

My Art

Through my eyes

Photography for me is a way to capture the essence of the amazing people, wildlife and places I have been fortunate to experience. Most of my images are in black and white, with dark shadows and sharp contrasts; this stylistic choice is a way for me to express the mystery of Africa through my art.

Not only photography

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Private Safaris

Join me on a safari or on my photography workshops. .
My 10+ years experience in East Africa means i can organise the safari of your dreams, tailor made based on your passions and interests.
We travel throughout Africa and each trip is created to  ensure that my guests experience the true wonders of the African wilderness.

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Protected Area Management

With a decade of experience managing complex conservation projects, I offer consulting services to a variety of organisations. This work is a key part of protecting the incredible places and wildlife I so love to photograph as well as share with my guests on safari.

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