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The Ghost in the Darkness

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Maybe the title for this particular limited edition print is not the most original, but I think it does the trick. There is nothing like looking an old lion right in the eyes before he decides to come for you. This lion was extremely old and very angry when we bumped into him during a patrol in the Selous Game Reserve, in 2015. He wasn't happy at all with us and gave us a couple of warning charges flicking its tail. I managed to take this shot before a "strategic retreat".

This photo is printed in a limited edition of 20 at 20x24 inches, of 15 at 40x30 inches and of 7 at 60x40 inches.

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All prints are limited editions, come with certificate of authenticity, are signed and printed on Hannemule Photo Rag Baryta Fine Art paper. For more info visit the website here.

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