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One of the images from my recent work in Northern Kenya, where I was fortunate to spend time with a group of people from the Samburu tribe. In Northern Kenya, the traditions and rich culture are palpable wherever one goes. Elders form the backbone of Samburu society. All important decisions for the community are taken by them and great weight rests upon their shoulders. The elder in this photo belongs to the Kishili age-set, initiated between 1960 and 1962. He holds a fly whisk (lkidong) made from animal hair and at his neck a tobacco pouch (lkidongoe) is visible.

This photo is printed in a limited edition of 20 at 24x20 inches, of 15 at 40x30 inches and of 7 at 60x40 inches.

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All prints are limited editions, come with certificate of authenticity, are signed and printed on Hannemule Photo Rag Baryta Fine Art paper. For more info visit the website here.

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