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Talking to the stars

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This image is also part of my recent work in Northern Kenya. The photo portraits a Samburu girl on her wedding day, in full regalia. Around her neck one can almost get a glimpse of the “mporro” traditional necklace, and from her elaborate headdress (“sae ngue”) a cross-shaped pendant dominates her forehead. The legend says that the Samburu People came from Venus, into the heart and, due to young warriors upsetting God, they are banned to go back to the planet ever since. It is said that the cross-shaped pendant that Samburu women wear is a memory of the planet Venus, “Lakera Leseran” in Samburu language.

This photo is printed in a limited edition of 20 at 20x24 inches, of 15 at 40x30 inches and of 7 at 60x40 inches.

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All prints are limited editions, come with certificate of authenticity, are signed and printed on Hannemule Photo Rag Baryta Fine Art paper. For more info visit the website here.

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